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The Department of electrical and Electronic Engineering(EEE) was established at Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center Kigali City in 2007. Over the last few years, our first graduates are serving for the society in key positions and will make tremendous impact to the development of Rwanda in its evolution from an industrial-based to knowledge-based economy. The EEE department has had excellent academic progress over the past years with highly motivated students and well qualified faculty members

The field of Electrical, Electronics Telecommunication, Biomedical Equipments and Electromechanical  Technology encompasses many exciting technologies such as electronic, electrical, telecommunications, Biomedical and Electromechanical  which have been among the fastest growing and most challenging technologies that enable the development of the modern information-based society. A characteristic of our Department is that we cover Electrical, Electronics Telecommunication, Biomedical Equipments and Electromechanical  Technologies all under one roof, which provides tremendous opportunities for cross interaction both in terms of teaching and professional services in above mentioned programs and allied hands on skills.



  • To create center of excellence in evolving core are of EEE and effectively respond to skills in demand in the industry, R&D organizations and professional commitment that prepare them for higher education. To emerge as a premier center of technology development in the region using open source tools.
  • As a developing country, Rwanda has a huge need for technicians/engineers in different domains to improve the welfare of its population and to sustain the development of its industry. That is particularly true in the domain of electronics telecommunication, Electrical ,Biomedical Equipment and Electromechanical technology. Also, part of the Rwandan Vision 2020 is to make Rwanda a knowledge-based economy. Information and communication technologies are expected to play an important role to achieve that vision. Therefore a constant injection of technicians/engineers in this field into the Rwandan economy is needed. The current programme is there to provide that function. The main aims of this programme are: • To produce highly motivated , technical competent, morally strong graduates with deep roots in our culture and with adaptive respond to global challenges • To develop the students’ knowledge of the theory and practice of electronics telecommunication ,Electrical , Biomedical Equipments and Electromechanical Technology necessary for them to secure employment as professional electronic, electrical and medical equipments technicians /engineers in a wide variety of industries. • To produce graduates who are able to take up higher studies in Electronics Telecommunication, Electrical ,Biomedical Equipments and Electromechanical technology in national or internationally recognized institutions of higher learning. • To produce well trained graduates in entrepreneurial skills which will make them be good nucleus (seed) for establishing more spin-off enterprises in the area of electrical and communication Technology.
  • • The programme shall be open to local and international students interested in pursuing a career in Electronics Telecommunication, Electrical ,Biomedical Equipments and Electromechanical Technology . The programme will be open for full-time or part-time; however, the minimum enrolment shall be mandatory for either mode of delivery. There is no restriction based on age or gender for admission into the current programme. Therefore no special consideration of age or gender is taken into account in the design and delivery of the programme.
  • The following shall be the minimum criteria for admission:
    • Candidates should be at least senior 6 pass (Scientist field according to the current combinations)
    • Candidates from technical secondary schools with a good pass in Electronics or Electricity will be also considered.
  • Learn, Teach and Validated Procedures with Transparency

Course Offered
The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) is offering an advanced diploma four many programs for both day as well as evening time:

  • Bio-medical Equipments Technology (BMET)Program( 3 YEARs)

    • Day
    • Evening
  • Electrical Technology(ELT) Program( 3 YEARs)

    • Day
    • Evening
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Technology (ETT)program( 3 YEARs)

    • Day
    • Evening
  • Electromechanical Technology (EMT)program( 3 YEARs)

    • Day
    • Evening

The department has even some short courses (6 Months and 1 Year) in some of its programs, for more information , please visit the Vocation and Training Center page.

  • • Automation lab
    • Digital Signal Processing(DSP) Lab
    • Instrumentation Lab
    • Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Lab
    • Mechatronics Lab
    • Telecommunication Lab
  • • Biomedical Workshop
    • Electrical Workshop
    • Electronics Workshop
  • • Eagle for PCB Design and Development
    • LabSoft
    • MatLab
    • Ni LabVIEW
    • Ni Multisim
    • Proteus