06 Nov 2020

IPRC-Kigali Management with IPRC-Kigali BBC celebrated the 3rd place won in BK Basketball National League

Friday 06th, November 2020, RP/IPRC-Kigali management with the entire IPRC-Kigali family, and IPRC-KIGALI BBC players celebrated the 3rd place won during the BK Basketball National League

Rwanda Basketball Federation (FERWABA) carried out the draw ceremony of the outgoing resumption of the 2019/2020 BK Basketball National League that took place on October 13th, 2020 at the splendid Kigali Arena. The resumption was planned to get underway from October 16-24, 2020. The teams were classified per average points gained per games played, and the drawing of lots was to form the two groups of four teams in the men’s classification as follows:

Group A:





Group B :





IPRC-KIGALI BBC was qualified on the third (3rd) place after beating APRC BBC (IPRC-KIGALI BBC 87 versus 79 APR BBC).

Eng. Diogène MULINDAHABI, the Principal of IPRC-Kigali saluted the effort made by the technical team and players of IPRC-Kigali Basket Ball Club, and everyone who contributed to the team achievement. He enthusiastically added that they had been good ambassadors of IPRC/Kigali in particular and RP in general, and had branded IPRC-Kigali as well. Yet he highlighted that they could keep instilling team spirit to achieve more in coming competitions.

Mr. BAHUFITE John, IPRC-Kigali BBC coach revealed that he had planned to win the champion. “We have strong, energetic, and quick players. Our target was to qualify for the playoff games.” said the coach. Unfortunately, he did not manage to make it. Though he appreciated the team qualification since the players did their best to win 3rd place regardless of the strong competition.


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